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Duration: 2 Month(s)

iPhone is based on an Operating System known as iOS which is built on the same core foundation as that of Apple Mac OS X. This course teaches iPhone app development with Objective-C, Cocoa and Xcode. Key topics include iPhone SDK 3, classes, objects, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism, event-driven programming, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), exception handling, file processing, multithreading, generics and generic collections. Students create iPhone apps, learn the concepts of object-oriented programming, learn to use various Cocoa frameworks and web services APIs, and participate in extensive hands-on laboratory assignments.

Course Outline:

The course is designed to take existing developers and bring them quickly up to speed with Objective-C, Swift and iOS development. 

You will learn:
o How to build iOS applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
o Everything you need to know about Objective-C to develop iOS apps.
o How to use Xcode, Interface Builder, Instruments and the iOS Simulator.
o Techniques to build scalable apps using MVC (Model, View & Controller) techniques.
o Detailed understanding of how the iOS SDK works, removing the "magic" from iOS development.
o How to deploy your app to a real device and the provisioning process.

iPhone Training Course Overview

Intro to Objective-C

• Objective-C and Smalltalk

• Objective-C and C

• Objective-C and C++

• Objective-C and Mac OS X

• Objective-C and iPhone/iPad/iOS

o Introduction iOS &SDK 

• iOS SDK: iPhone, iPod Touch

• Xcode

• Interface Builder

• iPhone Simulator

• Debugger

o Xcode

• Xcode IDE

• Editing

• Building

• Running

• Console

o Objective-C 2.0 

• Programming in Objective-C

• The Preprocessor

o Classes, Objects, Methods and Properties

• id

• null

• @interface

• @end

• @implementation

• Archiving

• @property

• @synthesizee

• @dynamic

• Data Types

• control flow statement

• More about  Classes

• More about Variables and Data Types

• Inheritance

• Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing, and Dynamic Binding 

o Categories and Protocols 

• About Categories

• @catagory

• About Protocols

• @protocol

o Foundation Framework 

• Introduction to the Foundation Framework

o Collections

• NSArray

• Enumeration

• NSMutableArray

• NSDictionary

• NSMutableDictionary

• Scalar Data Types

• NSObject

• NSString

• NSData

• NSDate

o Files

• NSFileManager

• NSFileHandle

• NSUserDefaults

• NSHomeDirectory(), etc.

• Resource Files

• Read/Write Text Files

• Copying Objects

• Archiving

o Memory Management 

• Allocate

• Release

• Auto Releasing

• Reference Counting

• Static Analyzer

• Garbage Collection

o Cocoa and Touch 

• What is Cocoa?

• Cocoa Framework

• Cocoa Classes

• Subclassing

• Xcode

• Simulator

• Interface Builder

• Nib files

• File’s Owner

• Outlet Connections

• Action Connections

• Inspector

o Controls Part-1 

• Controls

• Labels

• IBOutlet

• Buttons

• IBAction

• Event Handling

• UIEvent

• Toolbars

• Toolbar items

• Status bar

• Navigation bar

• Navigation bar items

o Controls Part-2 

• Activity Indicator

• Network Activity Indicator

• Page Indicator

• Progress View

• Refresh Control

• Scope Bar

• Search Bar

• Segmented Control

• Slider

• Stepper

• Switch

• Detail Disclosure Button

• Info Button

o Text Controls 

• Text Field

• Text Field Delegate

• Text View

• Text View Delegate

o View 

• What is View?

• UIViews and UIViewControllers

• UIView Class

• UIView Subclasses

• Types of Views

• UIApplication

o Window-Based Application 

• Application

• Application Delegate

• View Controller

• Window & Views

• Device Info

• Screen

• CGRect, CGPoint, CGSize

• CGRectMake(), CGRectZero

• Static Device Info

• Dynamic Device Info

• Orientation Info

• The iPhone Accelerometer

• Detecting shakes

• Determining orientation

• Responding to the accelerometer

o Tab Bar Application 

• Tab Bar Controllers

• Tab Bars

• First View Controller

• Second View Controller

• Third View Controller

• Creating New Classes

• Classes and Interface Builder

o Navigation-Based Application 

• Root View Controller

• Navigation Controller

• Navigation Bars

• Navigation Items

• Button Bar Items

• Push/Pop Views 

o Picker View 

• UIPickerView

• UIPickerViewDelegate

• UIPickerViewDataSource

• Date and Time Picker

• UIDatePicker

• NSTimer 

o Table View 

• Table View Controller

• Table View

• Table View Cellz

• Data Source

• Table View Delegate

o Popover (iPad Only)

o Split View (iPad Only)

o Browser View

o Alerting Users

• Alert View

• Alert View Delegate

• Action Sheet

• Action Sheet Delegate

o Media and Images 

• UIImageView

• UIImag

• animationImages

• Highlighted Animation Images

• UITouch

• UIGestureRecognize

• UIPinchGestureRecognizer

• Panning

• Zooming

• Rotating Image

• Playing Audio

• Responding to audio events.

• Playing audio in background

• Recording Audio

• Playing Video

• Photo Library

• UIImagePickerController

• Taking Pictures And Movies 

o Processes and Threads 

• NSProcessInfo

• NSThread

• PerformIn Background

• GCD (Grand Central Dispatch)

• Synchronization 

o Networking 


• NSURLRequest

• NSURLConnection

• XMLParser

• SCNetwork



• CFSocket

• Web Server 

o Working with SQLite 

• What Is SQLite?

• The SQLite Library

• Building a Simple Database

• Designing the Database

• Creating the Database

• Populating the Database

• Creating Records with the INSERT Command 

o Working with Core Data 

• Introducing Core Data

• SQLite and Core Data

• Modeling Data in Xcode

• Building a Core Data Application

• Core Data–Related Cocoa Features

• Core Data Migration and Performance

• Application Integration using Web Services 

o Location and Mapping 

• About Core Location

• Handling location updates

• About Map Kit

• Map Overlays

• Adding annotations 

o Social Networks Integration 

• Flickr integration

• Twitter integration

• Face book integration

• Youtube integration 

o Real-Time Working Scenario 

• What is mercurial?

• What is repository?

• What is IPA file?

• How to make an ipa file?

• How to upload a build to TestFlight?

• How to upload app to app store?


The audience for this course is MCA, BCA, B.Sc (IT),M.Sc(IT),B.Sc, B.Tech B.E(Any Branch),O Level, A Level Etc.