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About SCM (Supply Chain Management)

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About SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Duration: 2 Month(s)

ERP SCM Stand for Supply Chain Management and it is one of the important module in ERP. Supply Chain Management (SCM) covers the ares of production Planning (PP), Business forecasting and demand Planning. It controls product flow and information flow across the organizations.

Supply Chain Management is integrated with other business process such as product discovery, Developement process, Material purchase process and production planning process. supply chain enables the maximum customer satisfaction with less costs to the oragnizations.

Supply Chain enables to plan for and streamline the organization network of logistics and resourses that come together to form a supply chain. ERP Supply chain Management is a advanced planning engine and is able to meet the complex supply chain challenges in Demand Planning, Supply Chain Planning , Production Planning and Details scheduling, Distribution Planning and Transportation Planning.



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