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About CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

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About CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Duration: 2 Month(s)

ERP CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) is one of the important module in ERP Systems. ERP CRM is a best solution for managing the customer relationships. ERP CRM enable to share and access the information to anyone needing access. ERP CRM provides better information analysis that can make business more knowledgeable about the customers and it improves services and solves issues on time helps to improve relationship with customers.

ERP CRM is integrated with back end ERP Systems(ECC System) and connected to Supply Chain Management Systems, Business Intelligence System, Interaction centers, Field applications etc. ERP GUI is used for administrative activities and customizing activities and end user uses CRM WEB UI.

Business Partners:

 1. Business partens in CRM 

 2. Business partens grouping

 3. Define Business Roles

 4. Define Parterns determination procedure in CRM

 5. Create business Parterns- Person, Organization and Group.

ERP CRM Sales:

 1. Sales Order Scenario in ERP CRM and ERP ECC

Basic Campaign Management:
 1. Define Objectives

 2. Define Tactics

 3.  Maintain Sender Address for E-mail

 4. Assign Product hierarchies for Campaign

 5.  Maintain organizational data profile

 6.  Define Transaction Types

Territory Management:

 1. Define number range interval for territory hierarchy levels

 2. Define Territory hierarchy levels

 3. Activate/ Deactivate KPIs
ERP CRM - Pricing:

 1. Overview of SAP Pricing in CRM

 2. Define Document Pricing Procedure

 3. Create Pricing Procedure

 4. Determine Pricing Procedure

ERP CRM - Oragnization Management:

 1. Maintain Prefix Number

 2. Oraganization Data profile for Service and Sales Scenario

ERP CRM - Services:

 1. Define Number ranges for CRM Services Transactions

 2. Define Transaction type for Service Order

ERP CRM - Middleware:

 1. What is CRM Middleware

 2. BDocs (Business Document)

ERP CRM - Tax Configuration:

 1. Define Condition Types

 2. Check Calculation Procedure

 3. Assign Country to Calculation Procedure

 4. Define tax codes for Sales and Purchases


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