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About PP (Production Planning)

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About PP (Production Planning)

Duration: 2 Month(s)

ERP PP (Production Planning) is one the important module is ERP System. It handles all business process related to production of a company. In ERP R/3 System modular dat is classified as master data and transaction data where the master data is defined as the individual module objects. PP master data must be used before use of transsactions.

ERP PP (Production Planning) encompass all activities like Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Bills of Material (BOM), Routings, Automatic materials requistions based on MRP, capacity Planning etc.

All the details of manufacturing process can be record and track, eg. planned costs, actual cost and material flow, production planning moduleis fully integrated with other ERP Modules such as sales and distribution (SD), Material Management(MM), Financial Accounting & Controlling (FICO), Plant Maintenance (PM), and Logistics Exceution (LE).

Sub modules of Production Planning are as follows:

  1. SOP (Sales Operation Planning)
  2. LTP (Long term Planning)
  3. DM (Data Management)
  4. MPS/MRP ( Master Production Schedule/ Material Requirement Planning)
  5. CRP ( Capacity Requirement Planning)
  6. Shop Floor Control
  7. Information Systems 

Master Data Overview:
  1. Create Materials Master Record
  2. Bills of Material (BOM)
  3. Creation of Work Center
  4. Routing - Different types of routing
  5. Product Groups
  6. Production Verisons

Sales and Operational Planning:
 1. Material requirement planning
 2. Process review
 3. MPS
 4. Consumption Based Planning
 5. Lot size Procesdures
 6. Processing Planned Orders
 7. Planned Orders conversion
 8. Production order creation
 9.  Production order confirmation

Master Planning:
  1. Demand Planning
  2. Creation of Planned independent requirements

Goods Movement in ERP PP:
  1. Goods Receipt
  2. Goods Issue
  3. Creation of GI

ERP PP Intergration with Other modules:
  1. MM
  2. SD
  3. QM
  4. WM
  5. FI

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