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About Mobile Application Testing

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About Mobile Application Testing

Duration: 1 Month(s)

Mobile Application Testing is designed to provide software quality assurance and testing professionals with the background and tools necessary to organize manual and automated testing efforts for mobile applications. The main objective of this course is to enhance the course participant’s career as a Mobile Test Engineer. This course would be mainly targeted for Android applications. This course surveys the state of mobile technology, focuses on the software quality challenges it poses, and offers ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of mobile testing. The course discusses how to integrate mobile testing effort into the overall testing process. The course will have continuous live project demos by our experienced trainer throughout the duration.

1. Understand what makes mobile application testing different from standard software testing
2. Learn some of the underlying technologies behind mobile devices and how those technologies affect testing
3. Discover how mobile applications work and different techniques for testing them
4. Explore the different types of mobile applications and how to test for each

Software is becoming more mobile every day, and as tablets, smartphones, and many other devices take a larger portion of the market share, testers will face pressure to test their web applications for mobile devices, as well as their organizations’ native mobile applications. Testing mobile devices in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry means testers must learn to deliver quick, extensive, and successful tests on mobile devices.

Many testers attempt to apply what they know to mobile testing, and while that may work for some functional testing, it often leaves many critical features untested. Critical errors that go untested can mean a swift end to a mobile application. Learning how to identify common issues in mobile applications and how to test the unique aspects of a mobile application is the only way to be truly successful. This course will cover usability across multiple platforms and resolutions, network and security testing, creating application unit tests, mobile UI automation, and performance testing for various devices over various networks and carriers.

Hands-on Exercises
In this workshop you will learn about mobile application testing through hands-on activities, exercises, discussions, and demos. You will explore mobile testing techniques on your mobile device, so a mobile device, smartphone, or tablet is required.

Who Should Attend
This introductory course is appropriate for both novice and experienced software testers who are new to mobile application testing. Technical support, business analysts, and test managers may also find this course helpful. A background of basic software testing principles is required.

Introduction to Mobile Testing:
1. What is Mobile Testing?
2. Why is Mobile Testing Important?
3. What Do You Need to Know to Be a Good Mobile Tester?:
4. Emerging Trends in the Mobile Marketplace
5. Types of Mobile Applictions
6. Mobile Application SDLC
7. Mobile Testing Platforms

Special Mobile Testing Considerations:
 1. Network Testing
 2. Data Storage Testing
 3. Security Testing
 4. Understanding How the Operating System Affects  Testing
  5. Jailbreaking/Rooting
  6. Testing Special Device Capabilities
  7. Usability Testing for Mobile Devices

Testing Mobile Web Applications:
 1. Overview
 2. Application Testing Strategies
 3. Tools for Testing Mobile Web Apps

Testing Native Applications:
 1. Overview
 2. Application Testing Strategies
 3. Tools for Testing Native Apps

Testing Hybrid Applications:
 1. Overview
 2. Application Testing Strategies
 3. Tools for Testing Hybrid Apps

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