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Duration: 3 Month(s)

Management Information System-MIS & Data Analysis in Advanced Excel, VBA, Macros, Automation, MS Access & SQL practical training course is designed by industry expert data analyst and data scientist. Data Analysis in Advanced Excel, VB/Macros Access & SQL training courses consist of study material, assignment with live projects in finance reports, sales report, banking, manufacturing , process automation, workforce operations, hr reports, logistic reports etc. During the training learners has deep understanding of concepts, logic, data analysis, automation reporting, dashboard, user forms, switchboard in access, SQL Queries and basic of Business Intelligent etc which is needed in companies. AP EDUSOFT, Data Analysis & MIS reporting course adds new & upgraded skill to unlock the great career in good companies as a Data Analyst, Research Analyst, MIS Executive & Analyst, Operation Manager, Automation Reporting Analyst, vb/Marcos developer etc.

MIS and Data Analysis professional course are currently available at our Delhi, Gurgaon / Gurugram in weekdays or weekends. As per huge demand of learns we will start MIS and Data Analysis soon in Noida location as well. We Guarantee 100% Interview after successful completion of the 70% of MIS and Data Analysis course.

The exceptionally specific course initially presents Basic and Advanced Excel and continues towards unique VBA and MIS strategies. Amid the Advanced Microsoft Excel Training Course in Delhi NCR, the hopefuls will be given data on numerical capacities, coherent capacities, query and reference capacities, working with information in Excel, database administration, VBA, and Macros, outlining diagrams, charts and tables utilizing MS Excel. Later in the VBA, and Macros course, the members will pick up information on visual fundamental application and Macros and how to make little projects that would procedure every one of the functionalities in Excel with less coding and exertion. Finally, information on database administration instruments and abilities will be offered where members will find out about MS Access and SQL aptitudes and get mastery in information administration and handling. 

AP EDUSOFT offers MIS and Data Analysis in Excel and SQL course in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon/Gurugram to hopeful applicants with Top Notch and occupation situated course material, exceedingly perceived and qualified mentors and up to stamp learning condition that permits the understudies get a handle on the comprehension of Microsoft Excel and Data Analysis in a short measure of time. After enlisting the VBA, and Macros instructional class the understudy will get constant preparing under master direction, most recent and a la mode gear, dealing with ongoing customers' tasks and 100% employment help after the fulfillment of the VBA, and Macros course. Anybody with a graduation degree can join VBA, and Macros course, in any case, having some understanding of programming or PC would be best also.

Why learn MIS & Data Analysis in Excel ?

Presentation About MIS and Data Analysis in Excel and SQLWhy Learn MIS and Data Analysis in ExcelMIS and Data Analysis in Excel Program points of interest 

Information Analyst and MIS Analyst in Excel, VBA/Macros, Access and SQL utilizing by 70% to 80% of organizations. For the most part in MNC, Advanced Excel, VBA/Macros, Access and SQL, SAS are key apparatus for revealing , investigation and dashboard introduction. Thusly, seeking after an exacerbated profession in MIS and Data Analyst will be 110% best choice for employment strength and vocation development in any organizations. 

o MIS Executive and Data Analyst occupations are thought to be best vocation in Reporting and Analytics with normal compensation climb of 15%-30%. 

o Information investigation and utilize all over the place and the potential hopeful having best aptitudes and ability can get a best open door in organizations. 

o After the fulfillment of a solid MIS Analyst and Data Analysis Training Course in Microsoft Advanced Excel, VB/Macros, Access,SQL, the look over different employment titles that incorporate Research Analyst, MIS Executive and Analyst,Data Analyst, Operation Manager, Automation Reporting Analyst, vb/Marcos designer , MIS expert. and so forth 

o There are over 30% examiner following 2-3 years of experience functioning as a specialist or work from home with generously compensated chances.

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