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About Python With Django - Training

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About Python With Django - Training

Duration: 2 Month(s)

The Django web development framework provides a fast, easy, and secure method of developing rich web sites using the Python programming langauge. In this Django training course, programmers will learn how to design, implement, and manage web applications using Django. 

Participants will learn how to use the Django core component set along with advanced modules, techniques, and third-party tools. Students attending this Django training course will leave having developed a complete content-management web site, with user authentication, advanced forms, session management, email notification functionality, and a complete administrative interface

At the end of Django training course, the participants will be able to:
1. Install and Configure Python and Django in a development and production environment 
2. Understand the security implications of Django features, and develop secure web sites with Django 
3. Utilize Django Models to build and interface with powerful relational databases 
4. Understand Django ORM 
5. Create forms (both ad-hoc and from Models and Data Models) and automate the validation and verification of data in those forms 
6. Utilize Django to automate the production of Syndication Feeds (such as RSS) 
7. Implement, manage, and control Django's administrative interfaces 
8. Securely implement user authentication and access control using Django sessions 
9. Understand how to download, install, and utilize third party Django applications 
10. Utilize Djangos mail functions to send email notifications 
11. Leverage Django messaging system to provide asynchronous messaging 
12. Scale Django applications through the use of caching systems 
13. Implement, maintain, and manage complete e-commerce, publishing, and other content-management systems using Django

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