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About Oracle - DBA-1, DBA-2 Training In Gurgaon

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About Oracle - DBA-1, DBA-2 Training In Gurgaon

Duration: 3 Month(s)

Prophet is the most utilized database framework on the planet. It is compulsory to have no less than an Administrator for database. The sorts and parts of chairman differ as per organization and necessity. A little database site simply needs a director to oversee database for application engineers and clients while extensive site can think that its important to isolate the obligations of a database manager among a few people and among a few zones of specialization. Thusly, database organization is in some cases not a one-individual employment, but rather a vocation for a gathering of DBAs who share duty. 

Prophet Administrator is one of the key parts in an association where Oracle is the prime database. Their part incorporates making databases, investigating, moving down information, making and overseeing clients, and some more. To wind up noticeably an effective Oracle Administrator, it is required to know all the niche and corner of database. 

In Oracle Admin I & II module covers Oracle Database Architecture, Preparing Environment, Managing Oracle Instances, Database Storage Structures, User Security, Managing Data and Concurrency, Maintenance, Performance Management, Data Recovery, and Backups. 

We at Ampersand Academy, prepare our understudies to end up noticeably an expert Oracle Admin. Our preparation technique and master training makes every one of our understudies great contestant in the business. We have a standout amongst other coaches for Oracle Admin, which makes us the best preparing organization for Oracle Admin in Gurgaon. 

For Oracle Database Admin I & II, we have built up an extensive course educational modules and philosophy. Prophet Admin I requires rudiments of SQL and we at Ampersand Academy prepare our understudies with essential SQL ideas so they have advantage and comprehend the ideas well. Our mentor is an ongoing workforce and guarantees understudies comprehend the ideas well which us the best preparing organization for Oracle 11 G Admin modules. 

Extent of Oracle Database Admin I &II: 
Prophet Admin I has enormous degree in India. Practically every significant IT firm which has Oracle Database needs Oracle Administrators to deal with the Oracle Database. Different positions offered for Oracle Admin I & II: 

1. Prophet Database Administrator 
2. Database Administrator 
3. Database Manager 
4. Prophet DBA, Performance Management 
5. Prophet DBA Consultant 
6.Technical Specialist 

Essential to join Oracle DBA 1 & 2 Course: 
There is no essential to learn Oracle Admin I but to have information in dealing with PCs. We manufacture an educational programs which covers from the nuts and bolts of Oracle Admin. In any case, fundamental SQL questions are required, which will be prepared by us.

Oracle DBA -1 Course Training Content:

• Installing and Configuring Oracle 
• Creating and Managing an Oracle database 
• Administering an Oracle database 
• Configuring the Oracle Network Environment 
• Configuring Shared Servers 
• Creating and Managing Database Storage Structures 
• Managing Redo Log Files and Control Files 
• Managing Schema Objects 
• Managing Users, Profiles, Privileges and Roles 
• Managing Undo Data and Temporary Segments 
• Monitoring and Resolving Lock Conflicts 
• Maintaining Database Security 
• Monitoring the Performance of the Database 
• Loading and Unloading Data 
• Backing up and Recovering the Database 

Oracle DBA -2 Course Training Content:

• Plan a Backup Strategy 
• Plan a Disaster Recovery Strategy 
• Alter a Database to Archive Log and NoArchivelog Modes 
• Online and Offline Backups 
• Complete and Incomplete Database Recovery 
• Recover a Database from Non-Critical Losses 
• Perform Logical Backups with Export and Import Utilities 
• Use RMAN to Perform Backups And Restore 
• Use Flashback Technology to Recover a Database 
• Use Flashback to Recover From User Errors 
• Database Corruption 
• Load Data into a Database 
• Diagnostic Sources 
• Use Automatic Database Management 
• Monitor and Manage Storage 
• Use Automatic Storage Management 
• Monitor and Manage Memory 
• Control Database Resources Using Resource Manager 
• Automate Management Tasks with the Scheduler 
• Secure the Oracle Listener 
• Use Globalization Support 

  o Self-monitoring architecture 
  o Disk tuning - Temporary storage, undo segments 
  o Memory tuning – Buffer cache, shared pool, redo log buffer; locks 
  o Statistics management 
  o Oracle Advisors

  o User creation and management 
  o Profiles 
  o System privileges 
  o Object privileges 
  o Roles 
  o Security and Auditing 
  o Cause of data loss 
  o Structures used 
  o Offline backups 
  o Archiving redo logs 
  o Online backups 
  o Complete recovery principles 
  o Incomplete recovery principles 
  o Oracle Flashback overview 
  o Client/Server architecture – Connection and Naming methods (Easy, Local, 
  o Directory, External) 
  o Local Networking and Internet-Working 
  o OID (LDAP) 
  o Advanced Features – Load Balancing and Failover 
  o Data Pump – Export and Import 
  o SQL*Loader 
  o Log Miner 
  o Performance - Table compression, indexing choices 
  o OLAP processing – Materialized views, ETL solutions 
  o Programming options – PL/SQL v Java 
  o Content Management – XML, LOBs, Ultra Search 
  o Globalization – time zone, language, date and number formats

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