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About Salesforce Developer Training In Gurgaon

Completed 3 Year to provide services of Professionals and Non Professionals in Gurgaon Area.                6 Months Live Project Training on Dotnet & Java for Freshers, It's chargeable training and on behalf you will get 6 months Experience Letter. We have 2 ERP System: Logistics ERP & School ERP System. Limited Seats.                Best Salesforce training in Gurgaon by Industrial Experts, Batch started from 9th Sept 2018. (Regular & Weekend Batches Available) with 100% Placement Assistance                Achievement: Mr. Michael has got placed in Amazon Inc. Hyderabad during the #SAP FICO training and got yearly package 24 Lacs.                Best Data Science training in Gurgaon by Industrial Experts, Batch started from 9th Sept 2018 on Weekends & Weekdays Basis..               

About Salesforce Developer Training In Gurgaon

Duration: 2 Month(s)

Get Salesforce Developer Training in Gurgaon with constant specialists at AP Edusoft in Gurgaon. We trust that learning Salesforce Developer in blend of down to earth and hypothetical will be the least demanding approach to comprehend the innovation in fast way. We composed this Salesforce Developer Training from essential level to the most recent propelled level. 

We do control our members for particular Certifications which is an additional favorable position to the present market. Our group of Salesforce Developer Trainers will have the capacity to deal with any sort of certifiable situations effortlessly. Since they are working in top MNC's and they are giving this Salesforce Developer Training in Gurgaon as just low maintenance. Our Salesforce Developer Course syllabus covers,Overview of Apex,Apex Language basics,Introducing the IDE,Database Integration in Apex,Debugging and Testing,Advanced Business Logic – I,Designing Advanced Business Logic – II,Introduction to visual Force – I,II,III,Advanced User Interfaces – I,II,Integrating Email with Visual force,Integration – I,II,III,Packaging and App Exchange with heaps of live handy illustrations.

Salesforce - Developer Course Content

Apex Language basics:
o Variables
o Operators
o Arrays and Collections
o Control Logic
o Understanding Governor Limits

Introducing the IDE:
o Installation
o Prespective
o Projects
o Problems view
o Schema Explorer
o Apex Test Runner View
o Execute Anonymous View

Database Integration in Apex:
o Database Records as objects
o Database Queries – SOQL(Query results, Relationships, Filtering)
o Persisting Database Records – DML(Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete, UnDelete
o Database Triggers – Trigger Definition, Batch Processing, Error Handling, Governor Limits)
o Database Security in Apex

Debugging and Testing:
o Debugging
o Viewing Logs
o Logging
o Handling Uncaught Exceptions
o Understanding Execution Governors and Limits
o Using Governor Limit Email Warnings
o Testing
o Understanding Testing in Apex
o Why Test Apex?
o What to Test in Apex
o Unit Testing Apex
o Isolation of Test Data from OrganizationData in Unit Tests
o Using the runAs Method
o Using Limits, startTest, and stopTest
o Adding SOSL Queries to Unit Tests
o Running Unit Test Methods
o Testing Best Practices
o Testing Example

Advanced Business Logic – I:
o Inner and Outer Join
o Semi- Join and Anti Join
o Multi- Select Picklists
o Transaction Processing
o DML Databasse Methods
o points
o Record Locking

Designing Advanced Business Logic – II:
o Apex Managed Sharing
o Sharing Objects
o Creating Sharing Rules in Apex
o Sending and Receiving Email
o Sending Email – SingleEmailMessage, SingleEmailMessage with Template and o MassEmailMessage
o Receiving Email
o Dynamic Apex – Dynamic Database queries, Schema Meta data

Introduction to visualForce – I:
o Introducing Visualforce and the MVC model
o VisualForce Controllers
o Standard Controller
o Associating a Standard Controllerwith a Visualforce Page
o Accessing Data with a Standard Controller
o Using Standard Controller Actions
o Validation Rules and Standard Controllers
o Styling Pages that Use Standard Controllers
o Checking for Object Accessibility
o Standard List Controller
o Associating a Standard List Controller with a Visualforce Page
o Accessing Data with List Controllers
o Using Standard List Controller Actions
o Pagination with a List Controller
o Using List Views with Standard List Controllers
o Editing Records with List Controllers
o Custom Controller
o Controller Extensions

Introduction to visualForce – II:
o View Components
o View Component Basics
o Data Components
o Action Components
o Styles Components
o User Interface Components
o Using Static Resources
o Creating a Static Resource
o Referencing a Static Resource in Visualforce Markup

Introduction to visualForce – II:
o Visualforce and the Native user Interface
o Standard Pages
o Standard Buttons
o Page layouts
o Custom buttons and links
o Custom tabs
o VisualForce in Production
o Security
o Error Handling
o Governor Limits
o Unit tests
o Overriding Buttons, Links,and Tabs with Visualforce
o Overriding Tabs Using a Standard ListController
o Defining Custom Buttons and Links for Visualforce
o Adding Custom List Buttons using StandardList Controllers
o Displaying Record Types

Advanced User Interfaces – I:
o Asynchronous Actions
o Partial Page Refresh
o Action as Java Script Function
o Action as Timed Event
o Action as Javascript Event
o Indication Action Status
o Modular VisualForce
o Static Resources
o Inclusion
o Composition
o Custom VisualForce Components

Advanced User Interfaces – II:
o Extending VisualForce
o Using JavaScript Libraries
o Adobe Files and VisualForce
o Sites
o Samples
o Examples
o Creating Your First Custom Controller
o Creating a Custom Controller Class
o Defining Getter Methods
o Defining Action Methods
o Defining Navigation Methods

Integrating Email with Visualforce:
o Sending an Email with Visualforce
o Creating a Custom Controller with theMessaging Class
o Creating an Email Attachment
o Visualforce Email Templates
o Creating a Visualforce Email Template
o Using a Custom Stylesheet in a Visualforce Email Template
o Adding Attachments
o Using Custom Controllers within Visualforce Email Templates

Integration – I:
o Integration Solutions
o Outbound Messaging
o Salesforce Developer-to-Salesforce Developer(S2S)
o Developing Custom Integation
o Calling Webservice from apex code
o Using HTTP Integration

Integration – II:
o Understanding Web services
o Basics of webservices
o Generating the web Service Client
o Loggin in
o DataTypes in SOAP
o Error Handling

Integration – III:
o Building Custom Webservices in Apex
o Understanding Custom webservices
o Service definition
o Calling a Custom Web service

Packaging and AppExchange:
o Publishing Your App or Service
o Creating or Editing Your Provider Profile
o Creating or Editing a Listing
o Submitting Your Listing for ApprovalBasic Tab
o Registering Your Package and ChoosingLicense Settings
o Email Notifications
o Adding Visualforce to a AppExchange App
o Managing Package Version Settings for Visualforce Pages and Components

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