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Tableau - Training

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Tableau - Training

Duration: 2 Month(s)

AP Edusoft Tableau Training ensures you turn into an Expert in making sees in the scene, visual examination for immense informational indexes and produce helpful business bits of knowledge and take in the quickest, simplest approach to share investigation in the cloud.

What you will learn in this Tableau Training Course?

o Understand Tableau Desktop Architecture and how to use Tableau in real life

o Tableau statistics and Tableau interactive dashboar

o Master Tableau Reporting, Graphs, Maps, Table Calculation

o Simplify and organize data with data connections

o Master Special Field Types and Tableau Generated Fields

o Learn to implement Data Aggregation and Data Blending in tableau

o Understand R Connectivity with Tableau

o Gain knowledge on using R scripts in Tableau

o Perform real time analytics and Tableau data visualization

Who should take this Tableau Training Course?

o Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Professionals, Testing Professionals

o Statisticians , Business Analysts ,Project Managers

o Data Visual Analysts Functional Experts

o Graduates and Professionals looking to move to analytics domain

Tableau training course Content:

Tableau Desktop 10

o Introduction and overview

   o What is Tableau?

   o Tableau architecture and components

   o Tableau products

o Getting started

   o Connecting to Data and Introduction to DS concepts

   o Working with data files and data servers

   o Dimensions and Measures

   o Using Show me

   o Live & extracts connection

   o Building basic view

   o Saving and sharing your work

o Analysis

  o Creating views

  o Marks

  o Size & transparency

  o Highlighting

  o Discrete vs continuous

  o Dual axis

  o Scatter plots

  o Pie chart & bar chart

  o Heat map

  o Line charts

o Analyzing

   o Filters

   o Columns & Rows

   o Sorting

   o Duplicate & Aliases

   o Cross tabs (Pivot table)

   o Totals & Sub totals

   o Working with Statistics & Trend lines

   o Quick table calculations

   o Reference lines

   o Percentage of total

o Analyzing-2

   o Grouping

   o Bins

   o Hierarchies

   o Sets

o Getting started with calculated fields

   o String functions

   o Basic Arithmetic functions

   o Date functions

   o Logic functions

   o Custom aggregations

   o LOD functions

o Working with Parameters

   o Data types/Basic parameter

   o Using parameter in calculations

   o Using parameters in Date filtering

   o Using parameters for titles

o Advanced Charts

  o Donut charts

  o Bar-in-bar chart

  o Bullet graphs

o Using Maps & Advanced Mapping

   o Filled Maps  & Symbol maps

   o Import Custom geo coding

   o Advanced options

   o Formatting your Viz.

   o Working with labels & Annotations

   o Titles and captions

o Building interactive dashboards & stories

   o Build basic Dashboards

   o Advanced dashboard designs

   o Worksheet Interactions using Actions and filters

   o URL actions

o Sharing workbooks & exporting

    o Packaged workbooks

    o Publish to server

    o Sharing over the web

    o Exporting to Excel, PDF

o Tableau server/Online 10

    o Architecture of Tableau server

    o Create project

    o Create users and groups

    o Create schedule and subscriptions

    o Publish TWB- Live & Extracts

    o Tableau Reader

o Case studies

    o Real Time Project 

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