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Duration: 2 Month(s)

It is safe to say that you are searching for the best Selenium preparing program in Gurgaon? On the off chance that you lean toward taking in Selenium Webdriver with Java from the genuine Selenium robotization experts, at that point read on. Our Selenium course is not quite the same as all the preparation foundations in a few viewpoints, the key reason being determination of our coaches. 

Every one of our resources are exceedingly experienced programming analyzers having hands on working background in Selenium. Our selenium preparing gives more accentuation on commonsense testing methods and procedures as opposed to hypothetical ideas. Our selenium course is helped by profoundly looked into ideas, best practices and live undertakings. All apparatuses and testing utilities are given to the understudies to careful comprehension.

What you will learn in this Selenium + Java Course?

o Introduction of automation testing  

o Benefits of automation testing  
o Introduction of selenium  
o Difference between selenium and qtp  
o Selenium components  
o Limitations of selenium  
    = Basics of Java using Eclipse  
    = Core java basics  
    = OOPs concepts  
    = Methods  
    = Object and class.
    = Loops  
    = Constructor  
o Difference between Selenium IDE, Selenium RC and WebDriver?  
o Introduction of selenium WebDriver  
o What is WebDriver  
    = Exploring Webdriver java docs Downloading Webdriver jar files  
    = Locators in selenium  
    = Drivers in WEbDrivers  
    = Open Google home page through WebDriver  
    = Waits in WebDriver  
    = Exploring more features of WebDriver  
    = WebDriver Features & Examples Handling HTML Elements such as: Text box, Hyperlinks, Submit buttons, Radio buttons, Checkboxes, Dropdown etc  
   = Finding Elements & text on a Webpage
   = Printing all links and other values from a web page and HTML Elements  
   = Using By class to find elements using different methods Implement global wait  
   = Running test in multiple browsers  
o WebDriver features  
   = Simulating keypress events such as buttons    = Enter, page up, page down, backspace etc. = Handling javascript messages  
  = Handling drop down
  = Navigation in WebDriver  
  = WebElement list  Web Page title  
  = Mouseover using WebDriver  
  = CSS properties of an element  
  = Capture screenshot  
  = Read test data from excel  
  = Write data in excel  
  = Read test data from property file  
  = Generating your own Xpaths
  = Handling multiple pop ups/tabs.  
  = Handling Mouse over  
  = Handling iframe and menus  
o TestNG JAVA FRAMEWORK & REPORTS   = Generation  
  = About JUnit and TestNG  
  = What is a Java framework  
  = Test Annotations  
  = Executing the tests in sequence  
  = Assertions  
  = Error Collectors
  = How to parameterized our test case  
  = Page factory Automation Framework on a Live Project  
  = Test data files creation  
  = Test page creation  
  = Test class creation  
  = Screenshot capturing  
  = Emailing test results  
  = Generating Reports  
  = Running framework automation through ANT
o Maven
  = What is Maven and Why Maven?
  = Installing/Configuring Maven
  = Archetypes in Maven
  = Creating maven project through command line
  = Maven Repositories
  = Building POM.xml through command line to = configure Selenium and testing
  = Importing the maven project into eclipse
  = Building a selenium project and running it = through Maven
  = Eclipse plugin for maven
  = Using the maven plugin to execute phases - compile, clean, package etc
o Collection API/Reflection API
   = Introduction to Collections API
   = ArrayList Class
   = HashSet Class
   = Using ArrayList and HashSet of Collection API in Selenium framework
o Cucumber Acceptance Tests using Selenium
   = Cucumber Overview
   = Following the user story style
   = Defining Cucumber steps as maintainable functions
   = Best practices for creating maintainable test scenarios and step definitions
   = Scenario Outlines
o Interview questions and answers